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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Autodesk licence server is not serving 2016 licences

A: Upgrading your licence server to the current version is mandatory for use with 2016 licences. Please see this link for more.

Q: How do I obtain the Mac address and hostname and IP-address of my machine?

A: Windows - Open a command prompt and enter ipconfig /all

Mac/Linux - Open the terminal and enter ifconfig

Copy and paste the resulting output

Q: How can I view many Vray licences I have?

A: In a web browser (from any machine on your network) you can navigate to http://hostname-of-vray-license-server:30304 note. This is also a good way to test if other machines will be able to obtain Vray licences from the licence server over the network.

Q: How do I float my Vray licences to other machines?

A: In the start menu under Chaos group/Vray for Max-Maya etc/ click ‘Change licence settings’ and enter the hostname or IP-Address of the machine that your Vray dongle is connected to.

Q: How do I update my dongle with the RTU file I have received?

A: Simply copy this file to the machine that is configured as your licence server and has the Vray dongle connected and double click the RTU file.

Q: How do I generate a WBC file from my Vray dongle?

A: Please refer to this document